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Ee Shathamaanada Veera Madakari{{#if:Action|  (Action)}}
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Tag Line
Director Sudeep
Producer S Dinesh Gandhi
Banner S S Combines
Inspired From Vikramarkudu (Telugu)
Starring Sudeep
Music M M Keeravani
Cinematography Sri Venkat
Editing B S Kemparaj
Script Vijaya Prasad
Screenplay Sudeep
Dialogues Raviraj
Action Thrillar Manju
Art Dinesh Mangalore
Arun Sagar
PRO Sudheendra Venkatesh
Publicity Kumar
Locations Badami
Run Time 169mins
Launch Date
Rating U/A
Release Date March 20, 2009
Main Theater Kapali
Weeks 9
Video On Anand Video
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Veera Madakari aka Ee Shatamaanada Veera Madakari (ಈ ಶತಮಾನದ ವೀರ ಮದಕರಿ) is a 2009 Kannada film starring Sudeep. The film is also Sudeep's third directorial effort. This time as well he seeks inspiration from a Telugu action hit Vikramarkudu. Newcomers Ragini & Pavitra play the female leads.



  • Sudeep in a dual role of a cop and a petty thief
  • Ragini
  • Pavithra
  • Jerusha
  • Tennis Krishna
  • Dharma
  • Dinesh Gandhi
  • Gopinath
  • Devaraj
  • Manoj
  • Doddanna
  • and others


The protagonist (Sudeep) is a petty thief with a heart of gold. One day he is startled by a little girl calling him dad. The confusion is resolved when he realizes that the girl is the daughter of a cop (Sudeep again). The cop on the trail of a crime ring, loses his life in a fight right in front of the thief. The theif decides to pose as the cop to bring the criminals to justice and to avenge the cop's death.


Veera Madakari got into issues from the time it was announced. Writer HC Venu was immensely angered by the title of the film, as the film itself had no bearing on the historical figure. After much back and forth between the writer and the actor/director, the film is finally going to be called Ee Shatamaanada Veera Madakari. The film was also delayed - Sudeep explained the delay was caused because the film was deeper than he expected for an action flick. Portions of the film remain to be reshot and the film is expected to release some time during the summer of 2009.



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Soundtrack{{#if:M M Keeravani| by M M Keeravani}}
Released January 01, 2009
Language {{{Language}}}
Label Anand Audio
Lyrics Kaviraj, Sridhar, V. Nagendra Prasad, KC Kiran, Satish Aryan
Singers {{{Singers}}}
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Veera Madakari

The film has six songs, composed by Keeravani for the original Telugu film. Kaviraj and others pen the lyrics. Sudeep lends his voice for a song.

Song Singer(s) Lyrics Listen Lyrics
Jinta Ta Sudeep, Tennis Krishna, Anuradha, Drum Prakash Kaviraj KA
Dummare Dumma Shankar Mahadevan, Akanksha Badami, Sunita Shridhar KA
Jum Jum Maya Ajay Warrior, Anuradha Bhat Kaviraj KA
Manjari Manjari Sinchana Dixit V Nagendra Prasad KA
Jo Laali Akanksha Badami KC Kiran KA
Veera Madakari Satish Aryan, Chorus Satish Aryan KA





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