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Occupation Writer, Director
Years active 2007 - present
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R Chandru is a Kannada film writer and director. He debuted with the successful 2008 film Tajmahal.



Chandru started his film career assisting directors like S Narayan and Dayal Padmanabhan. He wrote dialogues for S Narayan's tele-serials. He took on directorial responsibilities in 2008 with the romantic film Tajmahal. Taj Mahal was initially made with actor Sunil Rao in mind, but due to personal reasons, Sunil backed out. Ajay Rao was cast instead. The film released in mid July, and went on to be one of the biggest hits of 2008. Chandru was appreciated for his sensitive handling of the tragic love story. Chandru was paid no remuneration for the film, but he retained the story rights and reported sold the remake rights for 80 lakhs to Telugu and Tamil. The director has also been approached to direct the Telugu version of the film, in which he will be changing the film's tragic ending.

Chandru took up the film Prem Kahaani next. He has chosen to repeat Ajay Rao in the film. Sheela of Paragu fame plays the lead actress. Prem Kahaani is also a love story in the Taj Mahal mould. The film is expected to release in mid 2009.


Chandru portrayed the effects of blind love on youth and their parents. The theme in Tajmahal was desperation, and the initial posters of Prem Kahaani indicate that the director will be repeating the theme.

Recurring Actors

Chandru has repeated his lead actor in both films of his direction, Ajay Rao.


Year Title Starring Status Notes
2008 Tajmahal Ajay Rao, Pooja Gandhi Released Script, Screenplay, Dialogues, Lyrics
2009 Prem Kahaani Ajay Rao, Sheela Released Script, Screenplay, Dialogues
2010 Mylari Shivarajkumar, Sada Filming complete Script, Screenplay, Dialogues


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