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Meghave Meghave{{#if:Drama|  (Drama)}}
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Tag Line
Director V Nagendra Prasad
Producer HB Raghukumar
Banner Sunrise Films
Inspired From
Starring Gracy Singh
Music V Harikrishna
Cinematography Dasari Seenu
Editing K M Prakash
Script V Nagendra Prasad
Screenplay V Nagendra Prasad
Dialogues V Nagendra Prasad
Action Different Danny
Choreography Ramu
Costumes Ganesh
Makeup Ravikumar
PRO Nagendra
Publicity Lucky
Distributor Sunrise Films thru Radhakrishna
Run Time
Launch Date
Rating U
Release Date January 30, 2009
Main Theater Kapali
Weeks 2
Video On
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Meghave Meghave (ಮೇಘವೇ ಮೇಘವೇ) is a 2009 Kannada film directed by V Nagendra Prasad. Produced by HB Raghukumar under the banner of Sunrise Films and has music by V Harikrishna. The film stars Gracy Singh and Ram in the lead roles.



  • Gracy Singh
  • Ram
  • Ravi (K S L Swamy)
  • Chethan
  • Gururaj Hosakopte
  • Shobaraj
  • Karibasaviah
  • Mandya Ramesh
  • Kashi
  • Myna
  • Punga
  • Jayashankar
  • Siru (Nepal Heroine)
  • Rajuguru Hosakote
  • and others


The story is set on the backdrop of Nepal which has its own set of Kannada settlers and a marriage is about to take place. This is the wedding of Chandramukhi or Charmi (Gracy) who gets engaged to a US based Kannada man. So, in order to bring in more excitement the family invites an entertaining troupe from Karnataka and this has the hero Raja (Raam) as one of its member. Charmi's fiancé is a money minded person and before the wedding happens, few incidents take place that get Charmi closer to Raam. Raam tells her to elope with him and she gets ready for it. But as luck would have it, Charmi gets caught by the Nepal police and is booked under the case of prostitution. The truth is, this is a plan of Raam who wants to wreak revenge on her since three of his family members die and he thinks it is due to Charmi. However, love gets the better of revenge and what happens from there forms the rest of the story. 1



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Soundtrack{{#if:V Harikrishna| by V Harikrishna}}
Released March 06, 2008
Language {{{Language}}}
Label Ashwini
Lyrics V Nagendra Prasad
Singers {{{Singers}}}
Professional Reviews
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Meghave Meghave

The film has Seven songs composed by V Harikrishna. V Nagendra Prasad penned the lyrics.

Song Singer(s) Lyrics Listen Lyrics
Huduga Huduga Bombay Jayashree V Nagendra Prasad KA
Hey Neela Gagana Vani Harikrishna V Nagendra Prasad KA
Yava Deshada LN Shastry V Nagendra Prasad KA
Aa Surya Bandaga Shankar Mahadevan V Nagendra Prasad KA
Bellana Biliyettu Hemanth Kumar, Ganesh,
Shashank, Sangeetha
V Nagendra Prasad KA
Maniyaga Yaru Illa V Nagendra Prasad V Nagendra Prasad KA
Nin Tutige Ondsala Udit Narayan, Anuradha Sriram V Nagendra Prasad KA





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