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Buddhivanta{{#if:Romance|  (Romance)}}
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Tag Line
Director Ramnath Rigvedi
Producer SV Rajendra Babu
A Mohan
Banner Sri Chowdeshwari Prasanna Movies
Inspired From Naan Avanillai (Tamil)
Starring Upendra
Pooja Gandhi
Music Vijay Anthony
Cinematography R Giri
Editing Govardhan
Screenplay Ramnath Rigvedi
Dialogues Ramnarayan
Action Thriller Manju
Choreography Chinni Prakash
Rekha Prakash
Art Ismail
PRO Sudheendra Venkatesh
Publicity Kumar
Stills {{{stills}}}
Locations Bangalore
Run Time
Launch Date
Rating U
Release Date September 26, 2008
Main Theater Nartaki
Weeks 15
Video On Anand Video
{{#if:http://www.chitraloka.com/budhivanta|Official website}}

Buddhivanta (ಬುದ್ಧಿವಂತ) is a 2008 Kannada film starring Upendra. Touted as Upendra's comeback film from a string of commercial failures, this film was a court room drama, remade from an old Tamil film Naan Avanillai. It was a return to familiar territory for Upendra, he appeared in 7 different get-ups, conned 5 lovely girls and cheated his way out of punishment. With smart dialogues, the film was the biggest commercial success of 2008.



  • Upendra as Panche/Panchamruta/Joseph Fernandes/Vijay Mittal/Samarasimha Reddy/Khush/Zakir Hussain/Shri Shri Bhagwan Rajneesh/Shyam Prasad. A con-man, he deceives women in various guises and makes off with their wealth. He gets caught as Panchamruta or Panche.
  • Lakshmi as the judge trying Panche's case.
  • Pooja Gandhi as Pooja. The judge's daughter in love with one guise of Panche's, Zakir Hussain - the painter.
  • Brinda as Rekha. Rekha, easily impressed by show off of wealth, is married to the wealthy Londoner Vijay Mittal.
  • Saloni as Shanti/Telugu Pilla/Bangaru. Shanti is crazy about the movies, and falls for one of Panche's guises - that of Khush/Samarasimha Reddy who acts like he is a hero straight out of several movies.
  • Netanya as Rani. Living in an ashram with her mother, she wants to marry an avatar of Lord Krishna (Bhagwan Rajneesh) who promises her that she is Radha incarnate and he will take her to heaven.
  • Hema Chaudhry as Radha Bai, Rani's mother.
  • Suman Ranganath as Monica, the self sufficient divorcee industrialist who Panche cons as her secretary Shyam Prasad.
  • Shridhar as David Fernandes. He claims that Panche is actually his brother Joseph who he has turned out of his house.
  • Chidanand as Johnny Walker, the friend who calls up all the girls in question and convinces that the con man is actually a decent man who can be trusted.


The film begins with three separate teams accusing the same man of marrying one among them and making off with all their wealth. The police term it the Manmatha Raja case, and it receives wide media coverage. A man's likeness is also broadcasted. Upon seeing that, two more girls realize that they have also been cheated by the same man, but are unwilling to believe it. On a separate track, Panchamruta aka Panche (Upendra) is travelling in a bus. The bus meets with an accident and Panche is admitted to the hospital. A policeman ties Panche's face to that of the accused in the Manmatha Raja case and Panche is arrested. Panche's case receives widespread attention, and it finally comes before the judge (Lakshmi). The judge's daughter Pooja (Pooja Gandhi), a law student who's one of the girls cheated by Manmatha, obtains permission to watch the proceedings.

The judge or judge-amma as Panche begins to call her, begins the proceedings by offering a court appointed lawyer for Panche's defense. Panche refuses, and says he will represent himself. The first witness in court is Rekha Vijay Mittal (Brinda). She recounts, she found a mobile at a parking lot which turns out to belong to Vijay Mittal (Upendra). Vijay talks to her in English, and asks her to hang on to the mobile, as he's flying to London. Rekha, impressed by him and his wealth, agrees. Vijay comes to Bangalore, and meets Rekha and her brother. Her brother is in the construction business and wants Vijay to help him move things with a strict politician. Vijay says that the politician expects 25 lakhs in bribes in a briefcase and call it a file. They do so, and the politician who is unaware of the existance of the bribe money, takes it. Rekha wants to marry Vijay, but according to his friend Johnny Walker (Chidanand), he has prior commitments to marry an Englishwoman. Vijay however agrees to a quick wedding, and they get married. Vijay doesn't let them get photographed either. The next day, Vijay has run away from the house taking all the valuables with him. The money they had given to the politician is also gone, as Vijay has changed briefcases soon after. Rekha now says that Panche is Vijay Mittal. Panche argues that she has no proof at all that a wedding happened. He also suggests that the judge jails Rekha's brother on bribery charges as they have publicly accepted it.

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Upendra as Samarasimha Reddy

The public prosecutor has no choice but to accept Panche's arguments. In the mean time, Pooja is quite impressed with the arguments of Panche. She tells him so when he is being taken away, and she tells him that she knows that he is not Panche but Zakir Hussain (Upendra), who cheated her out of a painting she paid one lakh for. Panche disagrees strongly. The next witness is the Telugu girl Shanti/Telugu Pilla/Bangaru (Saloni). Shanti is obsessed with films, and she in uninterested in the man she is engaged to marry as he isn't heroic enough. She once meets a man wearing the Krissh face mask, and riding a bike on a single tyre. She is impressed with his heroism. He tells her his name is Khush (Upendra) and he gives her his mobile so she can contact him. Johnny Walker calls her instead, and lets her know that he's really Samarasimha Reddy, hailing from a Rayala Seema royal family and in filmy style has got rid of all his enemies. This impresses her further and she runs away with him with all her valuables. He builds a shack for them in Dil style, and marries her by exchanging flower garlands. Just when they're about to have their nuptials, he makes off with all the gold she's brought with her. In a fit of anger, Shanti has thrown away the mangalasutra he tied her. Now she accuses that Samarasimha Reddy is in fact Panche. Panche says he is not, and says that even this girl has no proof to accuse him and that the story itself was like a combination of four films. Shanti is extremely irritated, but she has no choice but to step down.

In the meantime, a man named David Fernandes Shridhar claims that Panche is really his brother Joseph (Upendra). David had a failed marriage, and his wife, who is frustrated with David's poverty leaves with another man. Deeply affected by that Joseph takes to crime and unjust behaviour, and substantiates all his doings with unarguable logic. And one day, David gets irritated enough with Joseph that he throws him out of the house. Panche listens to all this and disagrees. He says he was born and brought up a Hindu, and also says that he is from Mangalore. The police find that the story he has told them about his mother is true. A DNA test between David and Panche comes back negative. The fourth witness is Radha Bai (Hema Chaudhry) who claims that Panche deceived them in the guise of Shri Shri Bhagwan Rajneesh (Upendra). He calls himself an incarnation of Lord Krishna, and has come to the ashram of Radha Bai to marry Rani (Netanya), her daughter and take her to heaven. Under the influence of the drugs he has fed them in the name of theertha, both Radha bai and Rani happily agree. He plies them with enough ramarasa for them to lose senses, and makes off with all their money. Panche ridicules them for their foolishness and also makes fun of the fact that Rani wanted to get married to a god. The public prosecutor has no counter-arguments here either. In the meantime, the police find Johnny Walker. Johnny says that he was bribed by a man like Panche to call all the women in question, but he is unable to convincingly tell them that Panche was indeed the man.

The last witness is the industrialist Monica (Suman Ranganath), who says she had a secretary called Shyam Prasad (Upendra), who helped her realize that she was missing something without a marriage. She was a divorcee, divorced from her husband because she was a self satisfied woman. She falls for Shyam and even announces their wedding, but Shyam walks away. She talks for Panche, and says he shouldn't be jailed. The judge listens to all these arguments and says that she has nothing on Panche, so he is free to go. Panche leaves, and men with the likeness of Shyam, Samarasimha, Rajneesh, Vijay who're present in the crowd also leave and everyone follows them. But, it turns out that these are all different men, all related to the girls, wearing wigs. And Panche is really David's brother Joseph who has been playacting with the girls to make them realize their mistakes and accept the men (the fake four) who love them. He explains that after he left David's house, he found that his sister in law committed suicide. He then decides to help these women by making them realize that their greed for different things is foolish. Along with the end credits, we are shown how Panche/Joseph falsified various evidences like the DNA sample.

Critical Response

Buddhivanta received praise from the critical circle. Even though it was an acknowledged remake, critics felt that the actor Upendra carried the film on his shoulders well. The music of the film though, was not as well received as the movie. It featured a full Telugu song, and there were mistakes with Hariharan's pronunciation in the remix of the PB Shrinivas classic Ravivarmana.

Audience Response

The film had major publicity, there was also a march on the day of its release. It created a lot of hype prior to the release due to the snippets of dialogues released with the songs. The music, though heavily criticized, was a hit with the audience. The opening for the film was the biggest in recent times. The film largely lived up to the expectations with its lively script and superb performance by Upendra and ran to packed houses. It recovered its budget in as little as three weeks. After 100 days, the film is still going strong.



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RN Jayagopal
Kaviraj| }} {{#if:| }} {{#if:| }} {{#if:| }}
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Soundtrack{{#if:Vijay Anthony| by Vijay Anthony}}
Released July 07, 2008
Language {{{Language}}}
Label Junglee Audio
Lyrics Upendra
RN Jayagopal
Singers {{{Singers}}}
Professional Reviews
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The film has seven songs penned by the actor Upendra, RN Jayagopal (the Ravivarmana remix) and Kaviraj:

Song Singer(s) Lyrics Listen Lyrics
Naan Avanalla Vijay Anthony, Vinay, Charulatamani, Maaya,
Kaviraj KA
Raa Raa Jayadevan, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran Kaviraj KA
Chitranna Chitranna Vijay Anthony, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran Upendra KA
Radha Visa Taroda Prasanna, Maaya, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran Kaviraj KA
Ravivarmana Hariharan, Kaushik, Vinaya RN Jayagopal KA
Nee Nanage Beku Krish, Megha Kaviraj KA
Chitranna Chitranna Upendra, Sangeeta Radhakrishnan Upendra KA





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