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Occupation Actress
Years active 2008 - present
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Aishwarya Nag is a Kannada actress. She debuted opposite Dhyan in the 2008 film Neene Neene.


Early life

Aishwarya is doing her Bachelor's degree in Commerce.


Aishwarya debuted with the 2008 film Neene Neene. The film dealt with the pressures and hassles of tech-workers, and was appreciated for being maturely dealt with. Aishwarya got a great deal of praise for holding her own against Anant Nag who played her dad in the film. The film did not do well at the box office. Her next release Darode directed by magician Uday Jadugar did worse. Aishwarya was recently seen in the MD Shridhar film Jolly Days. A remake of the Telugu hit Happy Days, it was well received by the critics.


Year Title Role Director Also Starring Status Notes
2008 Neene Neene Nandini Shivadhwaj Dhyan Released
Darode Uday Jadugar Released
2009 Jolly Days MD Shridhar Pradeep Released
2010 Vighna Sunil K Vijay Raghavendra Filming


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